Dragonskin! A completely new Line of holds as new Wintercollektion 2022/23

This year marks something special for us. We want to celebrate our 10 year anniversary together with you!

This is the reason why we tried harder than ever and created a completely new Hold Line for you, the Dragonskin Line.

From the beginning it was our passion to create unique, innovative shapes of the highest level of craftsmanship for you.

Like always you can find shapes within the Dragonskin Line ranging from Sloper to Incut. This will make your life as a routesetter very convenient and you can set routes and boulders efficiently and unleash your creativity. They are designed in a modular way and you can slide them against each other.
All our new Makro and XXL holds are made using our hollowback technology. Because of this they are lightweight, despite their impressive size.

The Winterkollektion 22/23 is very versatile and wants to inspire every routesetter to create impressive routes and boulders which the climbers will love.


All Sets in an Overview including pictures you can find HERE:

All the 18 new Holdsets in a quick overview:

Dragonskin Line:

We wish you a lot of fun and creativity while setting, climbing and training with our new Wintercollection 2022/23 !



This year we will be at the Vertical Pro Tradeshow in Friedrichshafen (25.11 bis 26.11.2022):

We are looking forward to meet you at our booth (A7-108) and show you aur new Dragonskin Line.

10 years WATAAAH!

Let´s celebrate together! Further we will also showcase our Glasfiber Macros and the outstanding Chalk from TOKYO Powder !

We are looking forward to meet you all and enjoy some nice conversations!

CU soon , your WATAAAH Team