Product Line

Climbing and bouldering live on diversity. Our series of climbing holds are as different as your requirements. Currently, we offer 116 sets of shapes, divided into three series. Each of our series has been thoughtfully designed to serve its purpose.

Our product range includes holds for public routes, for your training area and for competition. Within each series are holds with both specifically defined grips and holds that allow multiple griping positions. Our holds are exactly the right tool to get your ideas on the wall. We have been climbing and bouldering for years. This experience along with our passion for design, craftsmanship and perfection can be found in every single one of our products at WATAAAH. Of course, all our holds meet or exceed the DIN EN 12572-3 standard. Every single WATAAAH climbing hold is handcrafted and designed locally here in Germany. Every WATAAAH climbing hold is made of our sustainable polyurethane. No additives. No composites. No fillers.




You know it! It is about that awesome, excited feeling of your hands touching rock which has been shaped by nature over thousands of years. The creative process of reading and understanding that little crimp, getting your position right, figuring out the best hold and accepting that challenge is the core of the experience when challenging yourself in climbing outdoors! In every session, this is what makes it memorable for us. To make this possible in your gym, we developed the Nature Series.

Our Nature-Series – fresh from the woods to under your fingers




Ästhetic says it all. Clear forms and lines, reduction and as little design as possible. For Ästhetic routes and boulders and Ästhetic movements on Ästhetic holds.

Our Ästhetic Series – Style for your wall.





“The more, the better”. Fortunately, training is no longer done according to this principle. Today we have the means and tools to train more systematically, effectively and efficiently. Through selecting the right holds and creating sophisticated route designs, perfect training conditions are made every day. You want to get through your training schedule without being limited by your skin, right? That’s why we made the surface of our training series less rough than on our other series.

Our training series – achieve your inner strength!