Fiberglass Volumes are an important part of modern routesetting!
In general, Fiberglass Volumes are a little bit bigger and thicker than normal climbing holds. Therefore they offer you in your routesetting more possibilities to play with bodypositions and 3d movements!
Due to their construction they are more lighter when it comes to the volume/ weight ratio than climbing holds which are produced in the standard way.
We want you to be able to enjoy our Fiberglass Volumes for a long time. Therefore we constructed our Volumes with a solid layer thickness and put in metal washers to ensure that the set-screw holes wil endure a lot of routesetting sessions!
The surface offers you fantastic and longlasting grip and the ergonomic shapes are just pure fun to touch!
Due to their size our Fiberglass-Volumes are real eyecatchers that animate your climbers to test and challenge the boulder.
We wish you a lot of fun and enless creative ideas in your routesetting!
Unleash your creativity!