When we made the decision to produce climbing holds and did the first material testing, we got really curious. Because of its superior properties, polyurethane instantly emerged as the material of our choice. But what was available on the market didn´t meet the environmental and technical requirements and standards we imposed on ourselves. So it was soon clear that we had to develop our own material. We took this opportunity to improve the mechanical properties with the special requirements for climbing holds.

Before we approached a potential material supplier with whom we could develop our new material, we really dug deep into materials science and plastics technology. We gave ourselves the time to for several development cycles to work hard on parameters such as hardness, abrasion resistance, surface structure, molding accuracy and pot life. These interim results were again thoroughly tested and further improved in order to produce and deliver the quality that we are proud to offer you today. As another very important result of our work, the material which we use for manufacturing WATAAAH climbing holds has a higher abrasion resistance, is harder and more durable.

Polyurethane is a plastic, or a synthetic resin, which is produced by a polyaddition reaction of polyols and polyisocyanates. The subsequent material properties are determined by the polyol being used.

You can virtually feel that – WATAAAH climbing holds wear off slower. That pays off – WATAAAH holds last longer.

All of our holds are absolutely pure and free of any cheap fillers.