Boltcovers – The first ever boltprotection system for competitions

In a climbing competition there is always the threat for athletes of being stopped from the judges due to unintentionally stepping on bolts.

We developed our boltcovers especially to prevent these incidents by covering the bolts and therefore protect the athletes the best way possible

Due to the fact that there are various types of bolts used for climbingwalls we developed three different versions of our innovative boltcovers to allow the best coverage possible.

Hildegard – Fullcover to cover all types of unused bolts in the wall.

Brunhild – Halfcover for “Fixe” type bolts.

Kriemhild – Halfcover for “Walltopia” type bolts.


Due to our innovative boltcovers athletes can feel save and conetrate fully on what really counts, their battle with the route!