Wataaah Warrior

DOJO – New System Trainingholds for Homewalls and Spraywalls

Since the end of last year we have been busy using all our skills and shapingtools to develop a fine range Trainingholds that work well in all overhanging Trainingwalls (20-45°). With our highly functional DOJO Training Sets you will become stronger and have quite some fun on the way.

  • Ergonomic shapes
  • Fine textured surface for skinfriendly training (Our special Wataaah Trainingstexture)
  • Attachable by wood screws. Because of this you do not have to set M10 T-Nuts and you are free in your setting and not limited by your M10 pattern of the walls.
  • Works perfect whether you are a Rookie or a Pro
  • For overhanging walls with  20-45° angle

But what is the actual meaning of “DOJO”?

Quote from Wikipedia:Dōjō [doːdʑoː] (jap. 道場, Place of the way) is a trainingroom for immersive learning, originating from different japanese martial arts (Budō) like for example Karate, Jūdō, Kendō, Ju-Jutsu, Iaidō oder Aikidō. In the broader sense it also stands for the companionship of the people who train there.”

With our WATAAAH DOJO Training Sets we want to contribute something in this tradition. Our goal is that we all can train in a good way and that we can become stronger together despite the challenging times we are all facing at the moment.

Now it is up to you if you accept the challenge and if you start your first step on the pumpy and sweaty way to true mastery!

Our DOJO Training Sets in a quick overview:

  • DOJO Foot: 20 System Training foot holds
  • DOJO 1 : 10 small screw on crimps
  • DOJO 2 : 10 medium screw on crimps
  • DOJO 3 : 10 big srew on crimps/ Minijugs
  • DOJO 4: 10 medium screw on pinches
  • DOJO 5 : 5 big screw on pinches

We designed the holds in a way that if you buy a wholeset of the Dojo Line you get a proper homewall.

The handholds are all designed axially symmetric. Due to this you can set a fully symmetric system-wall at your gym if you use two whole-Sets.

Each single hold has a small number. Due to this you can set the holds very easily in a systematic way.

The benefit of it is that you can train all movements in both directions which helps you to become a better skilled climber.

Time to train hard! WATAAAH!