Candice XXL 2

This impressive XXL Double Texture 90 Degree Ledge, in our popular Candice Design, is a real eyecatcher. Due to the slick Double texture areas you can not properly use your thumb. Because of this it requires to be used in a very defined direction of force.With this hold you can set nice and technically demaning sequences.
Due to his size and angle this hold is also perfect for modern Skate Moves!
It matches perfectly together with  Candice XL and the  Candice Makro2.
Because of the Hollowback-Technology this hold is despite its huge size still very lightweight!
Due to its size, matching is possible and you can set movements that work for climbers of every bodysize!


Using two of this sweeties you can set perfect cracks if you set them facing each other.Like this you can make Deadpoint moves more delicate. Besides this hold also works together perfectly wit Candice Makro 2.