Dojo 7

These ten big Double Texture screw-on holds are perfect for all overhanging training walls between 20 and 45 degree. With a thickness of around 40mm these holds work perfect forall styled of Boulders. Due to their ergonomic design also dynamic moves are a lot of fun.

The DOJO 7 Set consists of 10 holds with different angles out of which the majority is from little to quite a lot of Incut.

The surface of our training holds is a little bit more fine than the one from our Ästhetic range. Due to this and the very ergonomic design you can enjoy a nice training session and focus on your training and not on your skin.

If you use two of these holdsets you can set a perfectly symmetric training wall thanks to the axially symmetric hold design. Therefore you can train all movements in both directions which helps you to develop both halfs of your body and your skills in a wider way. All of these holds are marked with small numbers so it makes it even more convenient to set with the Dojo Line.





Perfect for dynamic moves!