Hydra Makro 1-1

Each Hydra Makro hold always belongs to a group that consist of three single holds that form that Group.

The Hydra Makro 1.1 is the biggest Hold of the “Hydra Makro 1.x” group which also consists of Hydra Makro 1-2 and Hydra Makro 1-3. This group consists of 90° angled edges. You can combine these holds in a lot of different ways.

This huge hold features our unique Dragonskin Doubletexture and offers a lot of setting possibilities due to the modular set design. The radius matches well with the holds of the other “Hydra Makro 1.x” Sets, the Hydra XL set and the holds of the “Hydra XXL 1.X” Group. This offers you a lot off possibilities to unleash your creativity as a setter and create unique features.



Shaper: Benny Hartmann


This hold definetly creates attention on every wall.