Hydra XL

These 10 Dragonskin doubletexture crimps offer you a lot of possibilities for your setting due to their modular slidable design. The Set consists of five pairs of holds wich are designed in a modular way so you can slide them against each other.

With their additional screw-on holes you can also set with these holds outside the M10 Hole pattern. Because of this you can also “close” crimps or create slots. Further you can also use them to create unique pinchens if you place them agains each other.

These holds are big enough to match hands on them.

Regarding their radius they fit well with the Holds from the Hydra XXL and Hydra Makro sets. You can combine the and create unique features.

A set for all who also appreciate the visual appearance of a Boulder.


Shaper: Benny Hartmann


Five XL hold pairs, perfect to set appealing eye candies.