Kiara Makro 1

“What kind of monster is this?” – this thought might be the first thing that comes to mind when you see our Kiara Makro1 the first time. And the good thing is that it is absolutely great to climb on!

We are proud to be able to present out largest hold so far. Our Kiara Makro1 feature ist definetly THE eyecatcher in every boulder or route!

The Kiara Makro1 is one big step larger than the Kiara XXL1, Kiara XXL2 and Kiara XXL3. This hold fits perfectly to the other sets of the Kiara-Line as well as to our popular Sets Jeisa and Jessica. The hollowback technology ensures that this hold is still lightweight despite its size.

The slick parts on the holds also ensure that it is always easy to identify the color, even under heavy use of chalk!



Whaaaaaat is this!