Prunus Makro 1

This ästhetic and ergonomic Makro Hold offers you as a routesetter various opportunities. You can use it as a giant foothold in modern Parcour Style Boulders, as a sweet kneebar or as a eyecatcher in pumpy, overhanging sequences. Prunus Makro 1 always delivers. Long story short, an hold that makes fun to set with! Because of the Hollowback-Technology this hold is despite its huge size still very lightweight!
Due to its size, matching is possible and you can set movements that work for climbers of every bodysize! The slick Double texture parts not only look very nice they also make it more delicate to stand on if you use this hold as a sidepull!

Prunus Makro 1 – Have fun!


This huge hold is fun in most wall angles and is very ergonomic to hold on!