The Terrence Set consists of a one-/ and a twofinger pocket trainingsdevice. If you attach a weight on a cord and you use a pulley then you can have a very specific training in the climbing specific way. But you can also attach a weight directly to the pockets and lift it from the ground.

Anyway it is important that you choose the weight according to your individual performance level. Only then you will have the best progress and you will stay injury free!

It is also a great device to use in rehab to build up a formerly injured finger and bring it back to his old strength level.

This set is also a perfect addition to the WATAAAH Transformerboard. In that case attach it on one side and the weight on the other and you already have a perfect finger trainingsdevice.

(cord, pulley and weights are not included in this set)

Shaper: Benny Hartmann

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Are your fingers too weak for proper pocket action? The  Terrence-Set helps you to strengthen your fingers and to train this specific power in an efficient way. Due to the fact that you can choose and adapt your trainingweight you can work very precise on your individual performance level without putting too much stress on your fingers. Step by step you will reach your goal!