The Frankenjura is Germanys biggest climbing area, but also the region with the highest density of beer breweries in the world!
– only coincidence??
We didn´t believe in coincidence and had a closer look!
After long and exhausting researches our “scientists” came back with the result that beer can really make you strong!!

At least if you train with the original WATAAAH! Trainingsbeer!


The  WATAAAH Original Trainingsbeer, a very effective trainingdevice to boost your fingerpower.

  • effective trainingdevice
  • several ergonomic Grippositions
  • inkl. attachment points
  • inkl. bottleopener (for the real beer, afterwards)
  • produced in Germany from local wood

WATAAAH Original, the proof that beer can really make you strong!


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“A man doesn’t go to drink beer after climbing, beer is integral part of the climbing.  (almost a quote of Wolfgang Güllich).