Sustainability!- What we do

We thought about how we can explain what sustainability means for us. In short: we consider the environmental, social and economic aspects of our actions and consider what they mean for the future and what kind of consequences our decisions might have. This is our benchmark for how we produce, which materials we use, where we purchase them and how we deal with our business partners and customers.


For us, sustainability starts in the design of all processes or at our doorstep, so to speak. We have extremely short transportation distances and select our suppliers as local as possible to avoid unnecessary emissions in advance. Therefore we obtain virtually everything we need to make your climbing holds within a short distance. The only exception is the color we use. By the time it gets to our shop, it travelled for 500 km. However, these are very small delivery batches and we order this only once or twice per year.


For us, sustainability also means to produce as locally as possible. It would for sure be cheaper to produce in a low-wage country. But we see ourselves as part of our community and we are a locally-rooted business. We make every effort to work within as short distances as possible and have found everything we need to achieve the best quality results.

With our highly experienced partner we were able to develop together with the Reutlingen-University our sustainable W-ECO PU. Due to the proximity we could fine tune it regularly and quickly adapt our material to our requirements. Of course, the W-ECO PU production is certified according to the highest environmental and quality standards.


At the next level, sustainability means for us to use as little material as possible. Therefore, we design our holds to be hollow-back where it’s possible. This saves not only our sustainable PU but also consumes less resources and means less weight that must later be transported to your gym which route setters in the end have to haul for your beautiful routes and boulders problems.


We pay extreme attention that during production as little unnecessary waste as possible is generated. For us this means to only use the most durable tools and processes we can find. It is natural for us to only use recyclable packaging material and to make sure that the CO2 produced upon delivery of your holds is compensated. Within Europe this comes with no extra charge for you as we use GoGreen of Deutsche Post.


Finally, as website hosting is quite energy intensive as well, the servers hosting our website and online shop are run CO2-neutral by our provider.

We have already achieved some things but we are engaged in constant development and improvement.

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