WATAAAH! at the Boulder World Championships in Munich 2014

It seems like routesetters are very fond of WATAAAH! holds!

The Boulder World Championships took place in the famous Olympic stadium in Munich (GER) from 21.-23.8.2014.

Long story short, – it was an awesome event where the atmosphere and the whole show was breathtaking.

The routesetters Manuel Hassler, Jacky Godoffe, Chris Danielsen, Robert Leistner and Tobi Reichert did a great job choosing very versatile styles and moves which have been perfect to get good results but at the same time have been very entertaining for all the athletes and all the spectators.

We are feeling grateful that we were part of this great event.

(featured Sets: Candice, Flavia, Molly, Landi, Heidi, Carola, Cintia,  Gisele, Valeria,  Emanuela, Jeisa,)


1. Juliane Wurm
2. Alex Puccio
3. Akiyo Noguchi

1. Adam Ondra
2. Jernej Kruder
3. Jan Hojer


Also at this years legendary Arco Rockmaster the well known routesetters Jacky Godoffe and Simon Margon used our WATAAAH! holds to create some spicy problems for the Boulder Competition.

(featured Sets: Yamila, Candice, Flavia, Landi, Molly, Gisele, Emanuela)


1. Alex Puccio
2. Akiyo Noguchi
3. Julija Kruder

1. Jernej Kruder
2. Jeremy Bonder
3. Makoto Yamauchi


Photos: Markus Born(WM) and Sarah Burmester (Arco)

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