Brandnew shapes for our popular Dragonskin Line.

Happy news!

New Shapes for the Wataaah Dragonskin climbinghold Line.

Since the Dragonskin release last year we have been busy and are proud to present to you 41 new Dragonskin-Shaped.

This year we focused on larger and more incut Shapes which are perfect for overhanging walls and dynamic moves.

We are looking forward to show you the new shapes at this years edition of the Vertical Pro tradeshow in Friedrichshafen.

VERTICAL PRO | 24. – 25. November 2023

All our new Makro and XXL holds are made using our hollowback technology. Because of this they are lightweight, despite their impressive size.

The Winterkollektion 23/24 offers a great variety of shapes, made to inspire the routesetters and offering a lot of fun while climbing. UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY!

All Sets in an Overview including pictures you can findHERE:

Overview of all 12 new Holdsets:

Dragonskin Line:

    • Fafnir XL 1: 5 XL Holds from Sloper to 90 Grad
    • Fafnir XL 2: 5 XL Holds 90 Degree to slight Incut
    • Fafnir XL 3: 5 XL Holds Incut
    • Raiju XL: 10 XL Holds Sloper to Incut
    • Raiju XXL 1: 2 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Dragonskin Sloper Holds
    • Raiju XXL 2: 2 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Dragonskin 90 Degree Holds
    • Raiju XXL 3: 2 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Dragonskin slight Incut Holds
    • Raiju XXL 4: 2 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Dragonskin Incut Holds
    • Raiju XXL 5: 2 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Dragonskin Jog Holds
    • Raiju XXL 6: 2 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Dragonskin Sloper Pinches
    • Raiju XXL 7: 2 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Dragonskin 90 Degree pinches
    • Raiju XXL 8: 2 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Dragonskin Incut Pinches

We wish you a lot of fun and creativity for setting, climbing and training with our new Wintercollection 2023/24 ! WATAAAH!