Check out the brand new Summercollection 22!

Our Summercollection 22 is ready to hit the gyms and offers you a lot of possibilities to create a nice pump in your forearms.

First we expanded the Karlie Line adding two new Glasfiber volumes. They are the most ergonomic jug Volumes and offer great climbing in overhangs or for dynamic moves. Here you can find all our Glasfiber Volumes in an overview.

Second we took our “Cintia“-Pinchset, which already became a kind of classic, and expandet it to a full Line of Pinch Sets. The result is a group of ergonomic pinch Sets that will guarantee you a decent level of Pump.

Like our other Hold Lines the Cintia Pinch Sets offer you a great variety from slopy, powerfull pinches to Incut Pinches that a real fun in Overhangs. This will make your life as a routesetter very convenient and you can set routes an boulders efficiently and unleash your creativity.
All our new XXL holds are made using our Hollowback technology. Because of this they are lightweight, despite their impressive size.

The Summercollection 22 is very versatile and ready to inspire every routesetter. UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY!

All Sets in an Overview including pictures you can find HERE:


All 11 new sets in a short Overview:

Ästhetic Serie:

    • Cintia L1: 5 large, M10 Double Texture Sloper-Pinch-Holds
    • Cintia L2: 5 large, M10 Double Texture 90°- to Incut-Pinch-Holds
    • Cintia L3: 5 large, M10 Double Texture Incut-Pinch-Holds
    • Cintia XXL1: 1 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Double Texture Sloper Pinchhold
    • Cintia XXL2: 1 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Double Texture , 90° to Incut Pinchhold
    • Cintia XXL3: 1 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Double Texture Incut Pinchhold
    • Cintia XXL4: 1 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Double Texture Incut Pinchhold
    • Cintia XXL5: 1 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Double Texture Jug Pinchhold
    • Cintia XXL6: 1 XXL (Hollowback), M10 Double Texture Jug Pinchhold

Fiberglass Volumes:

  • Karlie Volume 7: our new “Welcome home” XXL Jug that offers fun in every wallangle.
  • Karlie Volume 8: The symmetric counterpart to Karlie Volume 7. Simply awesome!

We wish you a lot of fun and creativity for setting, climbing and training with our new Summercollection 22!