Many new shapes and volumes from WATAAAH in 2019

Our new  Summercollektion 19 + /Wintercollektion 19/20 offers you a lot of great new toys to play set with.

“Go big or go home!”- This year we have been very active and are happy to be able to finally, after several years of development, present you our first  Fiberglass Volumes .

New hold shapes you can find mainly in our  Ästhetic Line but also in our Training Line you can find new sets. The new Ronin Travellight Trainingsboard as well as two Downclimbsets.

All together we are happy to preset you a great variety  of holds and volumes. We hope to inspire your routesetting and are looking forward to all your creative ideas.

Unleash your creativity!


All 16 new climbing hold sets :

Training Serie:

  • Ronin Travellight : even lighter and now also useable from both sides, this Trainingboard want to be your travelcompanion for warm-up at the crag and training on the go
  • Downclimb Set: to enhance the safety in bouldergyms and to ensure a long and painfree career for your customers.
  • Downclimb XL Set: now also in a bigger and even more easy version.

Ästhetic Serie:

  • Karlie 1: 10 small, symmetric screw-on holds from Incut to Sloper in our popular Karlie Design
  • Karlie 2: 10 small, symmetric onehand-holds from Incut to Sloper in our popular Karlie Design
  • Karlie 3: 10 small, symmetric matchable holds from Incut to Sloper in our popular Karlie Design
  • Karlie 4: a symmetric Sloper-pair in our Karlie Design
  • Karlie 5: a symmetric 90° -pair in our Karlie Design
  • Gabriella L: our popular Gabriella Double Texture crimpset now also in a 1/3rd  thicker and better version. It is also great to combine it with the original Gabriella set as well as with the holds from the Candice Line
  • Almudena L: now also in a thicker and more easy version

Fiberglass Volumes:

We are happy that we can present you Fiberglassvolumes that match with our Karlie Sets from our Ästhetic line.

We wish you all a lot of fun whether you are routesetting, climbing or training! WATAAAH!