Wataaah Kiara

New shapes to fight the winterblues 2020

With our brand new Wintercollektion 20/21 we want to bring fresh energy to the gyms who are batteling currently heavy with the new lockdown.

“Go big or go home!”- During this challenging year 2020 we used our time to shape some sweet new holds for you, including our biggest hold ever, called Kiara Makro 1.

You can find alle new sets in our popular Ästhetic Line . As an addition to the Candice-Serie we are happy to present the new Candice foot Set that fits perfectly to the other sets of the Candice Series. All Footholds are equipped with M10 boltholes

Our main focus this year was on the expansion of our Kiara-Style which was already released back in 2012. Therefore we expanded the set to a full range, from footholds to the impressively big Makro size. Enough to set a nice lead route using all these holds from the Kiara Series.

All our new XL, XXL and Makro holds are designed with a Hollowback to keep them lightweight despite their size. We are proud that our holds do also have an ästhetic and good looking backside. What do you think?

We are happy about all the new ergonomic sets that have an inspiring optical appearance. UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY!

Quick Overview about all 11 brandnew Sets:

For more details  with more pictures, please visit HERE

Ästhetic Serie:

  • Candice foot: 10 small, symmetric M10 Double-Texture footholds in our popular Candice Design
  • Kiara foot: 10 small, M10 Double-Texture footholds in our Kiara Design
  • Kiara 1: 10 small, Double-Texture incut holds  in our Kiara Design
  • Kiara 2: 10 good incut Double-Texture minijugs in our Kiara Design
  • Kiara 3: our five original Kiara Jug classics
  • Kiara XL 1: two XL (Hollowback) incut minijugs, big enough for matching with two hands
  • Kiara XL 2: two XL (Hollowback) Jugs
  • Kiara XXL 1: one XXL edge where pinching in the overhang can lead to serious forearm pump.
  • Kiara XXL 2: one XXL jug, perfect for cruising through the overhang
  • Kiara XXL 3: our new “Welcome home” XXL Jug which is fun to hold onto, no matter which wallangle.
  • Kiara Makro 1: simply impressive! Our biggest hold so far.

We wish you all a lot of fun during setting, climbing and training!! WATAAAH!!!