Hydra XXL 1-1 /Sloper

Each Hydra XXL hold is part of a group of three holds of the same size, belonging together.

Hydra XXL 1.1 Sloper is a sloper hold that works perfect in vertical walls or slabs as well as for more difficult climbs.

Hydra XXL 1.1 Sloper is the more round and voluminous hold of the “Hydra XXL 1.x” group . The holds of this group you can combine in many ways.

Hydra XXL 1-1 Sloper fits perfect against Hydra Makro 1-3 Incut and you can slide them against each other to create custom features. If you block it with Hydra XXL 1-3 you can create a very interesting crack like feature.

Thanks to the modular design of the Hydra Line this hold also fits to the little bit bigger Hydra Makro 1-3 Incut .

This huge hold features our unique Dragonskin Doubletexture and offers a lot of setting possibilities due to the modular set design. The radius matches well with the holds of the other “Hydra Makro 1.x” Sets, the Hydra XL set and the holds of the “Hydra XXL 1.X” Group. This offers you a lot off possibilities to unleash your creativity as a setter and create unique features.



Shaper: Benny Hartmann


This impressive Sloper works perfect if you want to set a technical mantle or a push move. Also dynamic coordination moves can be set easily with this hold.